Help Us Create the World’s First Community Center for Those with D.I.D.

A few years have passed since we started having a dream to make a physical community space for people like us, and a lot has changed as we’ve realized we have a lot to learn to make this dream a reality. But regardless of how much we’ve had to rethink the way we go about this, or how much we’ve changed as people, it remains our most passionate and central goal. Here’s a video we did on our Youtube channel, Multiple & Proud, explaining our vision for the space.

We’ve since moved toward the idea of creating it as a business instead of a non-profit, and now want to add a cafe space in the front with a back space that functions as a creative hub and indie film making space (Why wait for a ‘Hollywood Break’ to start getting rid of that terrible stigma, am I right?)

Originally, we envisioned it as a space exclusively for DID systems, but the more we sat on it the more we realized the whole point of making a safe space veered away from that vision. We want a space for creatives from all walks of life, that is also friendly and supportive for DID systems.

For me, there’s a big difference between making a space that says… “Here in this space, you can be yourself because you’re with people just like you” vs. “Here’s a space that’s integrated with everyday life and society, with lots of different kinds of people, and you’re safe and accepted here as you are.” Maybe it’s ambitious of me to hope to skip over a step, but I’m stubborn.

I want to ensure that future generations of those who are multiple don’t have to face the same kind of isolation and discomfort from others that I do.

I want to ensure that future generations of those who are multiple don’t have to face the same kind of isolation and discomfort from others that I do. For me, I see a theme in American culture these days that I became painfully aware of only after spending a lot of time with some of my closest friends who weren’t born and raised here. There’s a mentality that we have to do it all alone, this rugged American idealism… which has started to fuse and meld with this idea of healing childhood trauma in a way that celebrates being happy being completely alone.

Somewhere along the line, I started to get this idea that I should wait to make new friends and family until I was “properly healed”… whatever point that would be, since healing is a lifelong journey. But I digress, I could sit on my soapbox about that one forever. My point is, this mentality I found myself having was perhaps one of the biggest roadblocks getting in my way to finding true healing. You see, people really are social creatures. I know it’s said all the time but it really is true.

We can’t do this alone, people were never meant to.

We can’t do this alone, people were never meant to. And while we need to learn to be more independent so we can be truly interdependant and not as codependant (try saying that twice), we need to allow space to let others in and rest along the way. We need to feel supported to be able to fall into the intense grieving and intense recieving of the love we’ve denied ourselves all these years. And I know we aren’t alone in this.

We’ve started an initiative where we set 50% of the proceeds of every piece of art we sell aside to help fund Multiple & Proud. If you’re interested in helping us create this space, please comment or message us about art pieces that are available. Also please like, share, and subscribe to our blog, our channel, and get the word out about our initiative. Every bit of support goes a long way.

Also, stay tuned if you want to learn more about DID. We will start releasing Q&A segments on our channel and guests are more than welcome so if you have any questions please send them our way. We can feature you on our channel in person or via zoom, or read off your questions and answer them.

Wishing you Peace,


Published by Danica Emry Weylyn

Hi, I'm Danica. Previously striving to become a concept artist, I received my Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.) diagnosis in 2018 and started to have a whole new understanding of who I (or better, we) are and what we want in life. Now in a process of struggling to have our art and writing take off through a pandemic, a giant self realization, understanding our non-binary gender identity, and coming to terms with the truth of our past, our family, and what our childhood was really like, I come to you to ramble– to tell you what I've learned through this all and share my insights about how the messages in media around us shaped how utterly difficult it's been to truly accept ourselves. When we're not serious talking, we love writing about anything fantasy, writing flash fiction pieces for book and film, learning Arabic, adventure, yoga, playing guitar, singing, and being a bonafide goofball. With a 2021 Bachelors from Full Sail University in Creative Writing for Entertainment and an Associate Degree in Creative and Digital Imaging, it's time to really buckle down and get serious about combining our crafts and not being shy to share the work we make. Thank you for joining us for the ride <3

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