Inspiration as a Guide to Self

A life spent sharing a body with others in my system has led to an existence that constantly changes and evolves. Not as your typical person does, but in a way where we all change and grow and learn simultaneously… and at times end up becoming passionate about differing things. As much as we try to talk with one another and collaborate, that’s the whole thing with D.I.D. It’s not easy, and sometimes it’s impossible to hear one another.

I laugh when I look at the history of this blog or our YouTube channel. Our life seems categorized into sections, no eras, of time where one has ruled and been in charge of where we go, unaware of the others before now. As soon as we build traction with one endeavor, we have it shift onto another just like that.

Underneath it all is a common thread of inspiration… to show our raw and authentic self and inspire others to feel safe to do the same.

Underneath it all though is this common thread of inspiration between us all that we agree on– we want to show our raw and authentic self to inspire others to have the courage to be their full and authentic self as well. With this as our center, we’ve led ourselves into some interesting places. It moved us to openly proclaim our multiplicity on our personal social media and in our day to day life in 2018, which led us to start making some of the most authentic and beautiful connections with others. It also led us to fear and panic attacks, discrimination in the workplace, and people we saw as friends no longer reaching out. Yet, for every person that left, we strengthened a better and more meaningful connection with someone else who stayed and became more than a friend, and onto family.

It’s a hard thing to be passionate about sometimes and there are a lot of days I just want to bury it all back in the sand, cover it up, go by our legal name all the time, and pretend this didn’t happen… but it’s so worth it in the end.

Learning to find comfort in the discomfort by realizing it’s a human experience, to me, is one of the best ways to combat getting stuck in the blues about it.

It’s something we all go through– a push and pull about who we are and what we want with our life. It’s not exclusive to people who have D.I.D. by any means, despite it feeling pretty intense with multiple selfs, and so I don’t feel so alone. Learning to find comfort in the discomfort by realizing it’s a human experience, to me, is one of the best ways to combat getting stuck in the blues about it.

At the end of the day, I think the most important thing is that people return to that light, that inspiration unique to them for why they’re here in this life. At least for me, it’s the best way to find my center again.

Wishing you Peace,


Published by Danica Emry Weylyn

Hi, I'm Danica. Previously striving to become a concept artist, I received my Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.) diagnosis in 2018 and started to have a whole new understanding of who I (or better, we) are and what we want in life. Now in a process of struggling to have our art and writing take off through a pandemic, a giant self realization, understanding our non-binary gender identity, and coming to terms with the truth of our past, our family, and what our childhood was really like, I come to you to ramble– to tell you what I've learned through this all and share my insights about how the messages in media around us shaped how utterly difficult it's been to truly accept ourselves. When we're not serious talking, we love writing about anything fantasy, writing flash fiction pieces for book and film, learning Arabic, adventure, yoga, playing guitar, singing, and being a bonafide goofball. With a 2021 Bachelors from Full Sail University in Creative Writing for Entertainment and an Associate Degree in Creative and Digital Imaging, it's time to really buckle down and get serious about combining our crafts and not being shy to share the work we make. Thank you for joining us for the ride <3

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