Original Art #1– Progress Shot

Within the last few months, we’ve been delving into using acrylic washes and prismacolor pencils to make our work and honestly loving the results.

A lot has changed for our system in the last half a year. One of the biggest changes is that we went through some fusions. Fusion is when two or more “alters” or members of a D.I.D. system come together and become one person.

Before our recent fusions, our system was seven members and now we’re three.

Something I never expected was how much change would happen– even in things like our art style.

Something I never expected was how much change would happen– even in things like our art style. Before, we had seven very distinct styles that we did our art in. As an artist trying to make our way in the world and find our unique voice and brand, you can imagine that this made it a little more difficult.

We’d constantly get comments from instructors on how even though our artwork was good, they thought we’d never be able to make it because we wouldn’t be able to “sell ourself” or our work. They’d look at our portfolio and respond with “what am I looking at? I don’t know what it is you do, I see a lot of different things here.”

So, naturally, after fusions I looked at our other two system members, Weylyn and Danica, and asked if they wanted to start collaborating on art from here on out to create one cohesive style.

This is the resulyt of that and I’m really excited for it. We’re still adding details and some gold leaf at the end, but I’m looking forward to what we’ll have when we’re done.

Wishing you Peace,


Published by Danica Emry Weylyn

Hi, I'm Danica. Previously striving to become a concept artist, I received my Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.) diagnosis in 2018 and started to have a whole new understanding of who I (or better, we) are and what we want in life. Now in a process of struggling to have our art and writing take off through a pandemic, a giant self realization, understanding our non-binary gender identity, and coming to terms with the truth of our past, our family, and what our childhood was really like, I come to you to ramble– to tell you what I've learned through this all and share my insights about how the messages in media around us shaped how utterly difficult it's been to truly accept ourselves. When we're not serious talking, we love writing about anything fantasy, writing flash fiction pieces for book and film, learning Arabic, adventure, yoga, playing guitar, singing, and being a bonafide goofball. With a 2021 Bachelors from Full Sail University in Creative Writing for Entertainment and an Associate Degree in Creative and Digital Imaging, it's time to really buckle down and get serious about combining our crafts and not being shy to share the work we make. Thank you for joining us for the ride <3

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